One of the most fulfilling parts of co-founding and growing Diamond, a digital agency that builds mobile apps and websites accessibly by default, has been connecting with others in the accessibility community. I speak to enterprise companies about their accessibility all the time. I hear their challenges, celebrate their successes, and I am always amazed at the new ideas people come up with to solve problems.

One thing I see often at the enterprise level, surprisingly, is a lack of dedicated resources to accessibility. Inevitably you have a small team, sometimes even just 2-3 people, supporting 10s of thousands. The ratios are incredible when there is one Accessibility Subject Matter Expert (“SME”) for 10,000 people. Accessibility is too complex for this ratio to work well if you don’t have a powerful, forward thinking leader with experience.

While these teams may be small, the people leading them are passionate, innovative, and relentless in their fight to make the web accessible for everyone. And it dawns on me that it’s only right to share their stories publicly. What I love about working in the accessibility space is that unlike so many other fields, no one wants to compete on accessibility. We want to do what’s right by our fellow human beings. There is so much to be learned from the process and strategies of others.  

To that end, we are excitedly launching an 'Accessibility in the Enterprise' blog, podcast, and webinar series. Our goal is to showcase the work being done at the enterprise level, and inspire others to find innovative accessibility solutions at their own companies, large or small. We hope that you enjoy reading, watching and listening to some amazing accessibility leaders share their insights. 

Call to action. Please share with us when you use any of the techniques you learn about here. And if you would like to participate in the series, please reach out to us to be added to the queue! We already have so many enterprise leaders who want to share their story, but we will keep the series going for as long as there are learnings.